Coat & Skin

Coat & Skin

The horse's skin is incredibly sensitive -
look at the way they flinch when a fly
lands on them.

Principal Body System: Integumentary
Definition: The skin and structures derived from it, i.e. hair, sweat, oil glands.
Function: Helps regulate body temperature; protects the body; eliminates wastes; synthesizes Vit.D; receives certain stimuli, i.e. temperature, pressure and pain.

Shampoos, fly repellents, midges, toxic pollens (buttercups), mud, bacteria, and poor health.  All potential irritants to the skin, causing an abundance of intense conditions that affect thousands of equines.

As the saying goes, 'Beauty comes from within'. If your horse has skin problems, it's a sign of something else going on in the body.  The way to healthy skin is about what nutrients we feed into the body - not about what we put on the body.

* For Sarcoids, see our page Sarcoidosis


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An organic herbal blend to help skin irritations and associated immune-system functions upon which skin relies to maintain optimal cleansing.


From £32.00 / kg

Looking for a shiny coat, strong hooves and glowing condition? With Linseed's valuable nutrients and omegas as a major player in the blend, our Shine&Glow puts the shine back, both inside and out, for overall body and hoof condition.


From £22.00 / kg

Linseed (Micronised)


From £4.03 / kg

Neem Shampoo Soap
A completely natural shampoo soap with no artificial chemicals, made from wonderfully moisturising tree oils and butters, and providing antibacterial and insecticidal properties. Ideal to use as a natural shampoo for sweet itch or lice.


£4.30 / kg