Gut - C.A.R.E.

Gut - C.A.R.E.


Principal Body System: Digestive
Definition: A long tube called the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and associated organs, i.e. salivary glands, liver and pancreas.
Function: Performs the physical and chemical breakdown and absorption of food for use by cells, and eliminates solid and other waste.

All dis-ease begins with the gut. So said Hippocrates. And all these centuries later, there's still no doubt about it.  The digestive system is the Mother of all the Systems - everything starts with the gut. 

A healthy gut is the ultimate gatekeeper of good health; when the gut environment is out of balance, a malfunctioning system is the result. The gut system isn't just a tube where we shovel food in one end and wait for it to come out the other end - the gut has a massive job to do, to break the food down, separate out the healthful nutrients and get them absorbed into the body to fuel it, while shuttling off the remaining waste to the main elimination point.

And it doesn't do all this by itself - the very function of the gut system relies entirely upon it's own army of elements; hydrochloric acid to kickstart the foregut into action; digestive enzymes to break down the protein, carbs and fats; microbes to break down the fibre, and fluids to lubricate and keep everything moving.

Without these essential elements, the gut system won't be able to do the very job it's meant to do to keep the body alive; without them it becomes no longer able to digest those essential nutrients we pay good money to feed to our horses to keep them healthy.  Without them, so will begin a cascade of seriously chronic dis-ease. 
It really is as simple as this. 

If you're looking to clear up the chronic symptoms that are chipping away at your horse's quality of life, there's only way to do it.  Clean up the gut system.  We need to look after our horse's gut health, first and foremost, as the top priority, and here's where our C.A.R.E. programme comes in.

C.A.R.E. stands for:

  • Clean - clean and detox gut irritants and toxins.
  • Activate - activate healthy digestion and the integrity of the intestinal gut lining by repopulating the beneficial gut microbiota.
  • Restore - restore health with essential micronutrients into the diet.
  • Enhance - enhance immunity - energy, strength and vitality.

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