Hoof Health

Hoof Health

We all know the saying - No hoof, No horse.

In 2007 I took all four of my horses barefoot.  Before everyone groans though (!), first off a quick reassure that this chapter is about Hoof Health, whether shod or not. The saying No hoof, No horse, applies whether the hoof has a shoe on it or not.

The main reason I briefly mention my own barefoot experience is because I found myself on the steepest learning curve about all things hoof, how to maintain hoof-health (shod or not), and most importantly the importance of hoof-health.  I still can't claim to know all things hoof, but compared to what I thought I knew, and after several decades of horsemanship, frankly I was clueless, so I have a lot to thank barefoot for.

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LamiProne A supporting blend for the metabolic/cresty equines prone to laminitis, focusing on gut health, blood glucose levels, healthy peripheral vascular circulation and detoxing.


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LamiRelief A supporting blend for onset laminitis.


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Shine&Glow Looking for a shining coat, strong hooves and glowing condition? With Linseed's valuable nutrients and omegas as a major player in the blend, our Shine&Glow puts the shine back, both inside and out, for overall body and hoof condition.  

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