Laminae Health

Laminae Health

Laminar – made up of layers

Itis inflammatory response

The good news is that laminitis is one of the most researched and studied equine conditions, and that research is now shouting out two very clear messages :

  • Laminitis can affect any horse - any pony, any breed, including TB’s
  • In most cases, Laminitis is PREVENTABLE.

~ Laminae Health Cont'd

~ Feed-Induced Laminitis

~ The Metabolic Horse


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LamiProne A supporting blend for the metabolic/cresty equines prone to laminitis, focusing on gut health, blood glucose levels, healthy peripheral vascular circulation and detoxing.


From £32.00 / kg

LamiRelief A supporting blend for onset laminitis.


From £32.00 / kg

Gemmotherapy - European Walnut (Juglans regia)
~ Indicated for pancreas function.


£16.00 / 100 ml