Fact Our UK grasslands are deficient in most of the essential minerals.

Fact Changes in the chemistry of grass cause changes in the chemistry of the horse.

Fact Many chronic health conditions are due to unbalanced micronutrients.

Fact Most alleged behavioural issues vanish by feeding forage-balanced minerals.

Now here's a mind-boggling statistic - 50 years ago, carrots had 75% more magnesium than today!  Just one example of how our soil nutrient levels have changed over the years, and why we need a solution to help provide our horses with an effective nutritional foundation.

It's easy to take our soil for granted, that is, until we lose it. The soil beneath our feet is arguably one of the most under-appreciated assets on the planet - without it, life would largely cease to exist while, when at its prime, this ‘black gold’ gives life. 

However, our UK grasslands are commonly deficient in many essential minerals, with changes in the grass chemistry significantly causing changes in the chemistry of the horse.  This directly and adversely affects the horse's system, all the more so when over-grazed on restricted paddock space.

The NRC Guidelines are there for a reason, yet most commercial 'one-size-fits-all' balancers rarely get the mineral ratios balanced to the defined guidelines.  Most add iron and manganese which are already too high in our UK grasslands.  This can mean that your commercial balancer may make your horse's dietary mineral levels even more unbalanced.

EquiVita is different
We have a comprehensive range of mineral solutions for you, starting with our standard EquiVita formula which is ideal for all-round maintenance, or our EquiVitaA range which includes Spirulina Algae for an added potent nutrient source.

  • A carefully balanced multi-mineral nutritional solution specific to the UK grasslands.
  • Balanced to the NRC guidelines based on UK forage analyses. 
  • This means it provides the correct ratios of the deficient minerals and micronutrients known to be lacking across the UK.

Alongside balancing the UK forage diet with the required deficient minerals and vitamins, and unless you're opting for a tailor-made mineral balancer following a forage analysis, our EquiVita range includes as standard:

  • Brewers Yeast (a daily 10g measure) as one of the best natural sources of the B-complex vitamins which support energy metabolism, as well as being an excellent prebiotic digestive aid.
  • Essential Amino Acids (EFA's) including:
    - 3g Methionine & 10g Lysine
    Both essential amino acids, Lysine and Methionine need to be supplied in the diet because horses are unable to make enough in their systems. They are also both 'limiting' amino acids, which means that if there is not enough of these important amino acids, the body is limited in its ability to make protein. which is essential for health. 
        - Methionine is a key component to support hoof structure and hard-wearing robust hooves, as
          well as liver support and mane/coat density. 
        - Lysine is the key to protein availability - it quite literally makes protein work, and is one of the
          most important factors for growth, tissue repair, blood building, muscle development and
  • The four important minerals: 12g Magnesium (Oxide), 5g Phosphorous (Mon.Phosphate), 400mg Copper (Bioplex) and 1.2g Zinc (Bioplex), these levels being those typically deficient in our UK grazing and forage.
        - Magnesium is vital for calcium absorption, insulin sensitivity, normalising blood circulation,
          hoof sole sensitivity, and as a detoxicant.
        - Low phosphorus levels can cause bone issues, loss of appetite, stiff joints, fatigue, breathing
          difficulties and weight fluctuations.

        - Copper is one of the most important trace elements in the horse, with coat quality improved
          when copper and zinc are properly balanced.

        - Zinc supports bone and cartilage development, integrity of skin, hair and hooves, vision,
          reproduction and immune system.
  • The key trace-mineral and antioxidant, 1mg Selenium, a major component of glutathione perodidase, an antioxidant enzyme, plus several other important enzymes. We can see improved thyroid function with balanced iodine and selenium.

* Our EquiVita range is a powdered supplement which should be mixed into dampened feed.

* Our EquiVita range contains absolutely NO fillers or bulk additives whatsoever.

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5% discount on 10kg, 7.5% discount on 15kg, 10% discount on 20kg.

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Looking for a Custom-Made Mineral Solution?
If you have your own Diet Plan from an analysis, we can happily blend it for you.
Please contact us for a costing.

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A multi-mineral, cost-effective and efficient nutritional solution that provides the commonly deficient levels of essential minerals lacking in our UK grazing, as required by the equine body for normal function.  Ideal for summer maintenance.
For added Spirulina nutrients, see our EquiVitaA


From £12.00 / kg

- with added Spirulina
Our standard EquiVita with added Spirulina (blue green algae) for a potent nutrient source. 


From £13.00 / kg

- with added
Vitamin C (Rosehips) & Vitamin E

To support horses on restricted grazing, hay in the diet, and/or to compensate for nutrient depletion in winter grazing.
* For added Spirulina, see our


From £14.00 / kg

- with added
Vitamin C (Rosehips), Vitamin E & Spirulina

Our EquiVitaPlus, with added Spirulina.


From £15.00 / kg

- with added Yea-Sacc 1026 Strain (Alltech)

To support beneficial levels of intestinal microflora for gut health. 
* For added Spirulina, see our


From £14.00 / kg

- with added Yea-Sacc 1026 Strain & Spirulina

Our EquiVitaProB with added Spirulina.


From £15.00 / kg

- with added Yea-Sacc 1026 Strain,
Vitamin C (Rosehips) & Vitamin E
To support beneficial levels of intestinal microflora for gut health. Ideal for winter seasonal use, and/or predominantly hay diets.  
* For added Spirulina, see our


From £15.00 / kg

- with added Yea-Sacc 1026 Strain,
Vitamin C (Rosehips), Vitamin E & Spirulina

Our EquiVitaProB with added Spirulina.


From £16.00 / kg

- with added MycosorbA+ (Alltech)

If you wish to add a mycotoxin binder to the feedbowl, our DTox range includes a daily 5g maintenance measure of Alltech's MycosorbA+ to help combat harmful forage moulds and toxins.
* For added Spirulina, see our


From £14.00 / kg

- with added MycosorbA+ & Spirulina

Our EquiVitaDtox with added potent nutrients via the Spirulina.


From £15.00 / kg

- with added
Vitamin C (Rosehips),Vitamin E, Yea-Sacc & MycosorbA+

The one-stop-solution in our EquiVita range. Our Ultra gives you our standard EquiVita / EquiVitaA and includes the Plus, ProB & DTox options in one blend. Specifically beneficial during winter, of if your horse is stabled at any time, and/or with predominantly hay diets.
* For added Spirulina, see our EquiVitaA-Ultra


From £16.00 / kg

- with added
Vitamin C (Rosehips),Vitamin E, Yea-Sacc, MycosorbA+ & Spirulina

Our EquiVitaUltra, with added Spirulina.


From £17.00 / kg