Here's a mind-boggling statistic - 50 years ago, carrots had 75% more magnesium than today.

This is just one example of how our soil nutrient levels have changed over the years, and why we need a solution to help provide our horses with an effective nutritional foundation.

Now here's a thought - imagine if you randomly removed 50% of the nuts and bolts from your car, then tried to drive to the pub, how do you think you’d go?  With my aging old jeep, it's highly unlikely I’d get anywhere. Some might just about make it though, but imagine the stress on your car to do it.  Chances are, you wouldn’t risk even turning on the engine.  

In the human world, if we’re eating the standard western (rubbish) diet and we’re not getting our nutrients from anywhere else, health nuts report that our own machinery is missing a staggering 80% of our nuts and bolts.  Just as our car won’t function properly, neither does our body, which is why the western human race is so sick. Put simply, we need all of the essential components for the body to work properly.

Not unsurprisingly, it's the same for our horses.

FACT  Our UK grasslands are deficient in most of the essential minerals.

FACT  Changes in the chemistry of grass cause changes in the chemistry of the horse, with many chronic health conditions being due to unbalanced micronutrients.

FACT  Most alleged behavioural issues will resolve by feeding minerals balanced to our known UK forage deficiencies.

It's easy to take our soil for granted, that is, until we lose it. The soil beneath our feet is arguably one of the most under-appreciated assets on the planet. Without it, life would largely cease to exist, while, when at its prime, this ‘black gold’ gives life in so many ways. 

However, our UK grasslands are commonly deficient in many essential minerals, having had the life stripped out them by over-intensive farming practices.  Those decades of changes to the grass chemistry cause significant changes in the chemistry of the horse, which directly - and adversely - affects the horse's system, all the more so when over-grazed on restricted paddock space.

The NRC Guidelines are there for a reason, yet most commercial 'one-size-fits-all' balancers rarely get the mineral ratios balanced to the defined guidelines.  This can mean that your commercial balancer may make your horse's dietary mineral levels even more unbalanced.  For example, many add iron and manganese which are already way too high in our UK grasslands, which not only risks toxic levels but also makes them act as antagonists and blocking the uptake of the very nutrients you're spending good money on.

Many balancers also add calcium, again already at high levels in many areas, which without the correct ratio of magnesium to balance it for healthy cellular energy exchange, can cause our horses to seem spooky/explosive and raring to go - what we typically see when the spring grass comes through. Those grass sugars get the blame, yet it's more likely to be too much calcium and not enough magnesium.

If we don't get the balance right, we get it wrong at our peril - and our horse's.  Nutrients play a vital role in a wide range of biochemical systems which affect virtually every metabolic function in the horse, and I speak from personal experience.  Getting my connemara, Murphy, minerally-balanced, literally saved his life, and my sanity.  See * About Us & Our Horses for the full story.

EquiVita is different

  • A carefully balanced multi-mineral nutritional solution specific to our UK grasslands.
  • Balanced to the NRC guidelines based on known UK forage deficiencies, which means it provides the correct ratios of the minerals and micronutrients to balance the equine dietary requirements for optimal health.
  • NO fillers whatsoever, just the composition your horse needs to nutritionally balance the diet.
  • Includes as standard: * Bioplex Copper & Zinc * Biotin * Organic Selenium * 3g Methionine *

First, choose your EquiVita

  • Our EquiVita formula is ideal for all-round maintenance.
  • EquiVitaA range includes Spirulina Algae for added potent nutrients.
  • EquiVitaT range includes Turmeric for joint and inflammatory support.  

Now for the extras to tailor your EquiVita to suit your horse's needs, i.e. winter support, probiotics or detoxing

  • EquiVitaPlus / EquiVitaAPlus / EquiVitaTPlus - For winter support, or if there's significiant hay in the diet.  'Plus' means blended with added Vit.C (5g Rosehips) & Vit. E (2000iu) for winter deficiencies.
  •  EquiVitaProB      - 'ProB' means Probiotic. If you'd like to include a probiotic, you'll get a daily 5g measure of Alltech's Yea-Sacc 1026 strain in the ProB range. Also available as ProBPlus for winter/hay diet.
  • DTox - With a daily 5g of Alltech's MycosorbA+ mycotoxin binder to mop up gut toxins. Also available as DToxPlus for winter/hay diet, and DToxProB if you'd like full gut compliment of both Yea-Sacc and MycosorbA+.
  • Ultra - Want the lot in one mix? Choose our Ultra for the full compliment of Plus, ProB and DTox options.
  • MAX  - Top of our EquiVita range. Our Ultra with both Spirulina and Turmeric included.

Plus ... Great Savings

  • 5% discount on 10kg, 10% discount on 20kg.
  • Free UK Delivery on orders 10kg or £80.00 and over.

Looking for a Custom-Made Mineral Solution?

  • If you have your own Diet Plan from an accredited analysis, we may be able to blend it for you. Contact us for details.
  • If you'd like individual items from our EquiVita range, or maybe want to do your own blending, see Minerals etc in our * INDIVIDUAL ITEMS page.

PS. The Importance of Salt It's absolutely 100% essential to feed salt in the diet for so many important reasons, but not least being to minerally balance the potassium in our UK grasslands, which when too high can cause devastating consequences in our horses.  It's so important that I've got a whole separate chapter on the importance of feeding salt - Salt.

However, as the biochemist team at Alltech told us, the problem with mixing salt into a minerals/vitamins is that sodium denatures much of the composition, so a mineral mix with salt included loses its essential structure.  Which means ... we don't include salt in our EquiVita range. 

So, you need to add your own. Add a tablespoon of salt into the feedbowl, double if in hard work or sweating.  We do a range of certified unrefined sea and rock salts, available in bulk at great rates, in both our
Salt and * INDIVIDUAL ITEMS pages.

And finally ... our MineralStarterBundles
We completely understand how it feels when faced with the prospect of completely changing your horse’s feed management, because we’ve been there ourselves! Whether it's just adding one new supplement or if you're switching to a more species-appropriate regime altogether, it can seem like a minefield at the beginning, having to buy in lots of different components to put the whole nutritional package together.

This is where our 
StarterBundles come in. We've put together all the essential elements together into one bundle, to save you having to buy lots of separate items. You get a 1kg bag of each element to try, all together in one box.  Simples!

We do two options:

  • MineralStarterBundle - If you're staying with your current feed, you'll get 1kg EquiVitaProBPlus, 1kg Micronised Linseed and 1kg Sea Salt.
  • MineralFeedBundle - If you're looking to change your whole feed managment, you'll get 1kg Coolstance Copra, 1kg Agrobs Musli, 1kg EquiVitaProBPlus, 1kg Micronised Linseed and 1kg Sea Salt.

See below on this page for the two choices.

And, if you're following our OptimaC.A.R.E three-stage detox programme as well, we do a
DToxStarterBundle & DToxFeedBundle as well, which gives you as above plus 1kg of our HerbalOptimaC.A.R.E in each. See our
DETOXING page for more info.


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MineralStarterBundle (Ex. feed)
* Saves you 5% from buying each item separately

Ideal for gettting your mineral combo going, to add into your own feed. Suitable for one horse.


  • 1kg EquiVita forage mineral balancer
  • 1kg Sea Salt
  • 1kg Linseed (Micronized)


£19.00 / pack(s)

* Saves you 5% from buying each item separately

The perfect trial pack for introducing the mineral combo while changing your horse's feed regime. Suitable for one horse.


  • 1kg EquiVita forage mineral balancer
  • 1kg Sea Salt
  • 1kg Linseed (Micronized)
  • 1kg Coolstance Copra
  • 2kg Agrobs Musli


£26.00 / pack(s)