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The long winter has finally shifted, despite some chilly spells still - my gardening app is telling me to expect the last frost around 14th May.

So what's happening horse-wise?

  • Spring is the time of year to detox, and the specific season's organ is the liver. The liver has been working overtime during winter to keep the system detoxed and healthy, so unless you're planning a full-body clean-up, this is a good time to tone liver health.
  • Spring pollens have hit with a vengeance - we've probably got 6-weeks-ish before the summer pollens hit, so for those horses who struggle with congestion in the muggy weather, diarise in a couple of weeks to start getting summer support into the feedbowl - allow a good 4-weeks advance build-up in the system.
  • Our MacAttack, sweet itch boy supremo, is fully clothed in his sweet itch rug now, having started heading for the tree-trunks around 3-weeks ago or so. So far no open sores, and when I think back to how he was this time last year, he's in amazing shape, skin still fully intact and itch-free, whereas last year when I first met him, he was trashing rugs every 2-weeks (he got through 4 in total - see his case study, Mac).
  • The grass surge is also truly with us now, so lami-prones beware. After our long winter, our horses will be craving fresh grass, making the overall NSC consumption dangerously high for our metabolic horses, so we're now into slowly introducing and managing grazing time. 
  • If your mares are anything like ours, they're well into their seasons now - our Carmen and Maisie are being very flirty with the boys!
  • Finally, EquiVita-wise, unless there's hay in the diet, the 'Plus' range can go back on the shelf as the grass now has sufficient levels of Vits C and E.
  • Oh, and a PS - don't forget that salt needs attention as we head into the warmer months now.


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