Topical EquiGels


Every plant has its own aroma via its volatile (essential) oil, and horses have quite remarkable responses to these aromatic plant oils.  Horses instinctively know, through a plant's natural aroma, which ones are beneficial to their system and when they need them.

An essential oil is a highly concentrated volatile substance, which evaporates on contact with air.  Essential oils bring excellent therapeutic benefits for our horses, working on three levels - the physical, spiritual and psychological. When ingested either orally, through skin or through breath, they bring about a state of synergy within the body which promotes and maintains physiological balance and health. 

Our organic EquiGels are individually hand made to order, with no petrochemical derivatives or by-products; they're also parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free, nor are there any GMO, artificial or synthetic ingredients, which means no toxic residue being absorbed into your horse's skin.

* Our EquiGels come in a recyclable/reusable PET amber syrup bottle with a spouted pump.

A quick word on Cautions

  • An essential oil is a highly concentrated substance, and our range is carefully balanced between oil and carrier, therefore it is not recommended to tamper with the product as an adverse reaction could result.
  • Keep in a dark, cool area - sunlight reduces the therapeutic effects.
  • Always apply with a clean utensil, glove, i.e. cotton bud/cloth or wooden spatula.

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