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Welcome to the EquiNatural Blog.

This page is a place for my personal take on . . .

- equine-related ramblings, rumblings and thoughts that cross my path,

- herbal and other updates for the health of our horses,

- any natural horsemanship news I come across.

Latest Blog Posts - please note some of my scribings are years-old so may now be out of date.

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- Prebiotics and Probiotics: Why You Need Both For a Healthy Gut

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Please note that due to DEFRA VMD's, and in line with EU Trading Standard regulations, as I'm not a qualified vet I'm not permitted to link any of our products to any statement that is 'medical by presentation', hence this separate page for info.  I would like to state responsibly that opinions offered here are mainly all mine (unless I'm quoting), are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any equine condition or disease, and should not be taken as any kind of veterinary advice. I simply come from an ethos of supporting and benefitting our horses as naturally and appropriately as possible.