Perfect preventation makes perfect practice

Imagine what your home would be like if you didn't clean it for weeks on end - if mine's anything to go by with three dogs, two cats (who bring in allsorts of feathered and furries, oh - and frogs), plus free-range chooks that wander indoors when they feel like it, it doesn't bear thinking about what state it would get to if I didn't get the Dyson out, and even then I find it hard enough to keep on top off. 

It's the same for our horses' bodies, and us - regular detoxification is the most pivotal part of the process of overcoming chronic disease. D
isease and illness simply can't exist inside a clean, nourished, nutrient-rich body, so it makes perfect sense to practice true prevention. 

  • Let food be thy medicine.(Hippocrates)  Reduce toxic load via natural, species-appropriate, nutrient-rich food to nourish the body.
  • Detox the whole body regularly - see our DETOXING page.
  • Balance energy  Keep it flowing properly with good rest and sleep - sleep allows cells to repair damage and restore tissue.
  • Reduce stressors  Make life enjoyable and manage stress better.
  • ‘Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.’ (Hippocrates again)  Remember previously where I said the immune system ... promotes the immune response which is controlled by the nervous system?  Well, the spine protects and surrounds the spinal cord, through which the brain communicates with the body.

    The spine is designed to have a very specific structure, and any deviation directly interferes with the nervous system’s ability to adapt to, and respond to, stress.  Everything we do impacts the nervous system – the question is, are we doing the things that make it healthier or breaking it down?  Nerve impingement creates tension, which creates a Fight or Flight state, and when we wear out the adrenal glands for the energy to fight or fly, we hit exhaustion.  Reducing stress as much as possible is imperative.
  • Teeth  They’re connected to every organ in the body and have a huge impact on health. Numerous locations in the jaw are directly connected to the body’s organs. Each tooth socket has a ligament which holds the tooth in place; following any dental work, if toxins remain in the mouth (which is rarely cleaned properly afterwards), this can lead to infection which affects the tooth socket, the ligament and the jawbone.

To Conclude
That's it - we're pretty much done, so let's pull this altogether now with a final summary.

See our DETOXING page for more information, and our Herbal Supplements in our Online Shop for our C.A.R.E. programme and full-body herbal detox, HerbalOptimaCARE.

Alternatively, if you think your horse is otherwise fine, and you're happy with your feed regime (* FEEDING OUR HORSES), very often many of the well recognised issues, i.e. skin or respiratory, can be supported by giving your horse a targetted clean-up by way of an appropriate 4-week tonic.

See our specific chapters on the left side menu, or see our 
Immunity page for our range of immunity-strengthening C.A.R.E. tonics which focus on each specific organ and system. 

Wishing your horse the very best of health :o)