The underlying cause of most chronic disease is the long-term deficiency of micronutrients.

Micronutrients comprise vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, phytochemicals (extracts from plants); all tiny molecules that have a distinct metabolic role in the cells of the body.  Micronutrients are the foundation of any diet; if the body doesn't get these in plentiful supply, we're looking at cellular dysfunction that in time turns into a diseased organ and hence illness.

Without micronutrients, the body barely survives.  We’re not so much looking at specific diseases but the key mechanism which unites them all – cells.  Many, many, cells.

It’s all about cellular health.  Cells are interconnected by a tissue ‘matrix’; this is the area in between the cells where the micronutrients go and from where they enter into the cells and things happen.  The cellular waste from the cells also goes into this area, and the lymphatic system, the body’s drainage system, takes them away. 

This matrix has to be clean. If it's contaminated then oxygen won’t be able to go through into the cells and they become damaged. Appropriate nutrients won’t get into the cells. Importantly, the minerals magnesium and potassium won’t get in either so the cell becomes acidic. This is why detoxing is so important.

Cells migrate throughout the body constantly, and all the cellular processes, under normal circumstances, are tightly controlled.  The white blood cells are the cellular army, the cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting the body and fighting disease. Trouble is, diseased cells migrate throughout the body as well, first in their own environment then ultimately into other organs.  Think of an expedition group in the jungle, hacking their way through the undergrowth to discover new, untouched territories. 

Healthy cells have a natural lifespan – they live, they die, then recycle themselves. However, those diseased cells are not only growing but they’re not dying, and they continue to invade.  So how do we stop this happening? With a healthy micronutrient synergy, which is effective in inhibiting the growth and invasion of these mutant cells.  This happens directly at the core of the mutant cell, challenging the inner sanctum of the cell via a forced biological interception, almost saying, ‘either you function properly, or you die.' This process is called Apoptosis.

Time for some science-y words -  'Apoptosis' & 'Epigenetic'
So, Apoptosis is a process which regulates the natural program of normal cell death, not only the natural cell life program but also the lives of the bacterial and viral cells which cause disease, and the free radical cells which by their act of mutation, have become immortal. 

The Apoptopic Swich is a signal, an intelligent wisdom in cells, which tells them they’re not healthy and they should die and recycle themselves.  Botanicals and phytochemicals can turn the Apoptopic Switch back on - every pigment in fruit and vegetables enters the nucleus of the cell and interacts with the body's genes, and those natural plant chemicals are powerful enough to turn on the Apoptopic switch. Pretty cool, I reckon ...

Now to Epigenetic, which is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. I know that's a mouthful, but put another way, lifestyle choices can influence gene expression.

If the body is sick, it’s likely to be because of an underlying state - it might be stress, and certainly there are genetic predispositions. What we’ve learned though, is that we can change the diet to a more nutritional species-appropriate one, enough to override the genetic propensity, and through epigenetics realign them in a healthy fashion and start again.  The body isn’t inevitably programmed to the parental genetics; through care and attention to diet, the body’s fuel, the epigenetic code can be influenced. 

Pulling all this together, the great news is that nature provides us with the whole spectrum of nutrients to keep the body healthy via its own bio-intelligence, and antioxidants are one of these amazing nutrients.  So now let's swat up on how 
Nature's Farmacy & Antioxidants help support the whole system.