Without an Immune System, you're fighting with ...

Without an Immune System, you're fighting with no army

Without an Immune System, you're fighting with no army

A healthy body has a strong immune system and won’t get sick. 

If the body’s sick, the immune system is sick.

The only permanent way to good health is via the immune system, and nutrition gives the immune system the firepower to keep the body well. 

Under the right conditions, the body will naturally strive to maintain balance within - it's armed with it's own complete detox system, specifically the liver, kidneys, lymphatics, skin and lungs to do this very thing. No matter what stage of life the body is in, all naturally-occurring substances in the body work towards this end.

In this modern time, we know a bit about the role of the Immune System.  50-odd years ago, we didn’t, because there wasn't the technology to measure or identify it. However, today there are more and more studies talking about breakthroughs in immunotherapy, and how the immune system is now being tapped into in a very specific manner, instead of a global symptom-treating monopoly practice.

Pulling all this together, and unless we’re talking about a physical injury, we have to clean up the whole body during illness - you can't keep one disease and fix another. We do this by first feeding the right foods which contain the right nutrients to fuel the immune system, and second, by detoxing. But - if we don’t detoxify the body regularly, there will be too many accumulated toxins in the way for the body to function correctly.

The Immune System
The immune system is the key to health.  It's comprised of a series of glands and organs which promote the immune response which is controlled by the nervous system. The majority of the immune system comes from the digestive system, yet it all rests upon the vitality of the nervous system.

The immune system, the nervous system, and all the different senses communicate together with the outside world, all paying attention to every detail.  It’s actually a difficult system to define anatomically – the immune system as a whole is involved in all the body’s systems and in all aspects of the body – it’s not just in the lungs or the gut or the liver, and so on.  All the organs even have their own immune systems, for example, when a liver is dissected, the naked eye can actually see blue cells, the macrophages, which are the liver’s own white blood cells (the toxin-busters) which are the liver’s own immune system. 

The whole immune system is monitoring and modulating every activity inside, and outside, the body, the body’s response to what’s going on everywhere, how it's feeling, what's being eaten, drunk, inhaled. It’s a regulatory mechanism; something comes in, it rises to meet it, deals with it and settles back down again.  It’s all about my favourite word, everything in perfect balance.

So now let's look at the role of the gut, and how it can all goes wrong via
The Leaky Gut Syndrome