“A horse gallops with his lungs and wins with his character, but perseveres with his heart
The Center for Equine Health, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Principal Body System: Cardiovascular
Definition: Blood, heart and blood vessels.
Function: Distributes oxygen and nutrients to cells; carries carbon dioxide and wastes from cells; maintains the acid-base balance ofthe body; protects against disease; prevents haemorrhage by forming blood clots; helps regulate body temperature.

The horse’s heart is an extremely effective organ, and fortunately rarely experiences problems.  Which is just as well because the horse’s heart has to pump a healthy blood supply to one of the largest mammals on the planet.  It is quite simply the lifeline to a horse's optimum health.


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Gemmotherapy - English Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha)
~ Indicated for the heart.


£16.00 / 100 ml