Ever been behind a door trying to get out and the exit's blocked?

A perfect analogy for why detoxing is so important; toxins need to get out of the body's exit routes, but if the exits are blocked, they'll stay in the body.

Other than the undesirables that are in feed/forage, there's a ton of other environmental waste products that get into the system whether we like it or not.  We have GMO waste, environmental toxins from industry, pesticides, herbicides, and so on. It’s estimated that there are literally hundreds of thousands of chemicals in the environment alone. And not to put too fine a word on it, they build up in the body and can start to cause potentially life-threatening conditions.

We’re bombarded with toxic materials from every front, and once in the body – and be assured they’re going to come in – they're
stored in tissues and cells throughout the body and affect every one of the body’s systems, including immune, digestive, nervous and circulatory systems.

Toxins can shut the body down quicker than a quick thing
As toxins start to build up in the body, they begin to tax the immune system.  Gut health starts to erode, becoming permeated and allowing the toxins to leak through the gut wall and into the blood stream, causing the immune system to become locked in overdrive trying to get rid of the toxic overload.

he bloodstream is now overburdened with free radicals (toxic mutant cells), the lymphatics - the body's waste drainage system - become blocked and sluggish, the liver and kidneys are working overtime trying to process the sheer volume of toxicity, and the exit routes are all clogged up, forcing much of the toxic load to be reabsorbed all over again, instead of evacuated out and gone forever.

So even if you’re feeding the right feeds, maintaining good movement and managing stressors, toxic sludge in the body will still be doing its best to sabotage your best intentions to keep your horse healthy.  

Simply put, the body doesn’t function well when it’s loaded with toxins. Healthy nutrients won’t get to the cells, and the toxins won't get eliminated out of the exit routes.
The result? Allergies, itching, lumpy skin, laminitis, puffy-leg oedema, lowered immunity and a compromised metabolism, all leading the way to chronic disease as well as an inflamed leaky gut and ulcers. Enter pain which leads to misery, anxiety, loss of appetite, loss of weight and condition, and eventual meltdown.

Detoxification is the first step to get health back on track and reinstate homeostasis, helping your horse function properly again.

For millions of years, plants have protected themselves against foreign invaders like mould, bugs and harmful microbes with their own built-in defence system of powerful phytochemicals. Being a herbivore, our horses have evolved grazing on grasses and plants, so using those same natural phytochemicals means they can also reap the same benefits for optimal immunity protection. 

This is where our C.A.R.E. programme comes in, and specifically our
HerbalOptimaCARE detox programme:

  • Clean and detox gut irritants and toxins, and the vital organ immune system.
  • Activate healthy digestion and the integrity of the intestinal gut lining by repopulating the beneficial gut microbiota.
  • Restore health with essential micronutrients into the diet.
  • Enhance immunity, energy, strength and vitality.

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