Fussy Eaters

Fussy Eaters

I'm often asked for tips on fussy eaters, and especially when horses are starting out on minerals.

So, having seriously acquired a very worn T-shirt on all things feed-matters, here are my Top Tips for cunning feed disguises:

  • First off, my personal go-to, and that's mint – my lot will eat anything if I stick mint into the feedbowl, but not all horses like mint, so if yours is one of these ...  
  • If you're trying to get minerals down them, could be worth considering splitting them into lower doses into two feeds, not forever of course, but to continue the ‘getting used to the taste and texture’ until eventually it’s second nature, then back to one feed.  Or, maybe go back to a smaller measure, just for a while, and build it up again.
  • Also, not that I’ve had to try this (mint works for me!) but I hear very good reports on curry powder as a cunning disguise – just cheapo supermarket stuff, a spoonful into feed, stir and hey presto.
  • Unless you’re already feeding it, adding micronized linseed can be both beneficial and useful as it’s very palatable for horses, with a light nutty taste. 100g daily in summer, 200g daily in winter.
  • What I also do come colder weather is slosh in a herbal tea for warmth and extra herbal support, and it's great for palatability as well.  I make up a litre of Green Tea and Mint, and usually bung something else in there, such as Chamomile, Echinacea or Lemon Balm.  The Green Tea is just about the best detoxer you can have, mint always helps, and anything else is a bonus.  I make up my Copra as normal (cold water soak) in the morning, then when they come in at night, I put the kettle on and brew for 5-mins or so, then divide it up between the 3 feedbowls, stir through, add in the rest of their supps and serve.  Doesn’t touch the sides.

TaDah!  Hope some of the above helps :o)