Why Herbs? Embracing Farmacy, Not Pharmacy

Why Herbs? Embracing Farmacy, Not Pharmacy


Physiomedical - the doctrine or practice of natural healing, specificially by the use of herbal medicines.
Origin mid 19th centrury, earliest use found in 'Physio-medical Recorder.

"There is a herb growing for every disease," so said Abbe Kneipp (1821-1897), original founder of the Naturopathic Medicine movement.  And I agree, because the aim of EquiNatural is to proactively support equine health, body and vitality, on a personal level, via a physiomedical approach, to restore a healthy equilibrium and the functioning integrity, the ‘vital force’, of our client's horse.

However, I'm so often asked how herbs work, so here's my take on it all, and from a horse's perspective. Every plant is aromatic via its volatile (essential) oil, and horses are extremely sensitive to these oils.  They instinctively know, through a plant's natural aroma, which ones will benefit them medicinally.

Nature's botanicals work extremely well for our horses, and this could have something to do with the fact that their state of health follows the seasonal rhythms of nature - as plants grow and fade with the seasons, so horses follow the seasonal pattern to forage for them. And let's not forget that our wild horses are historically plant foragers, with only themselves to rely on for their survival; their foraging knowledge and ability is literally written in their DNA.