Gemmotherapy is a therapeutic practice which can be useful in helping detoxify and strengthen the body's organs throughout the year.  It is particularly well suited to animals, and works extremely well for horses, dogs and cats.

With its primary action being purification of the system, gemmotherapy restores the healthy function of the body’s organs, with different plants and trees having an affinity with regenerating different organs or tissues of the body. 

With records of plant and tree buds as medicines dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians, gemmotherapy could be described as a super-active type of plant medicine if you like, with research showing the pharmacological superiority of the bud versus the fully developed plant.

Gemmotherapy uses the buds and young shoots of the plant because these embryonic tissues are rich in growth factors, plant hormones, enzymes, minerals, and phyto-nutrients which contain the plant’s genetic blueprint and material.  The bud literally contains within itself the whole evolution of its species, containing all the power of the future plant.

When the body is balanced and in tune with nature, it experiences health. When the body is out of balance and toxic, it experiences ‘dis-ease’, the word ‘dis-ease’ simply meaning that the body is not at ease.

It cleanses cells by gently stimulating and promoting elimination of toxic metabolic waste products such as mucus, broken down metabolites, dead cells, auto-immune complexes and antibodies, using extracts of plant buds and young shoots to aid the elimination of waste products and toxins from the body, a process known as bio-energetic detoxification. It stimulates drainage via the excretory organs, the kidneys, liver and skin, following the system’s detoxification. 

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