Tree Therapies

Tree Therapies


"Trees shelter and permeate earth's skin, they embrace us from cradle to coffin,
Shade us in summer, warm us in winter. 
We wander lost in thought among them, follow them to water,
And mark the cycle of our years b
y their budding and falling leaves." 
James Baker

Ash, Alder, Birch and Poplar.  Elder and Hawthorn, Willow and Witch Hazel.  Pine, Spruce and Cedar.  And let’s not forget the mighty Oak.  Just some of the wonderful trees that inhabit our forests and woodlands.

Trees emanate exceptionally powerful energy - they are one of the largest living forms on our planet and they convert enormous quantities of light from the sun.  Through photosynthesis, trees are literally vessels filled with the energy of sunlight. 

Our ancient trees have been worshipped for centuries by our shamanic ancestors, with the important therapeutic value of trees well recognised by the alchemists of the Middle Ages. In our modern times, the use of our native trees as medicinal remedies is less known than the more recognised herbal therapy, although we could be forgiven for this considering the ever-diminishing cultural tree-heritage disappearing thanks to our woodlands being cut down to make way for roads and buildings, and worldwide deforestation for, amongst others, GMO crops.

Which is a crying shame, as our trees offer us so much.  Take the graceful birch, used for everything from adhesives to wine, and baskets to boats, as well as producing a life-giving sap every year, and the leaves making not just a toning and detoxifying tea but also an infused oil.

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