The kidneys are proper workhorses, together providing an absolutely vital service to the body.

Principal Body System: Urinary
Definition: Organs that produce, collect and eliminate urine.
Function: Keep the body in homeostasis by regulating the chemical composition and volume of blood; eliminates waste; regulates fluid and electrolyte balance and colume; helps maintain th acid-base balance of the body.

Without the kidneys, we wouldn't have healthy blood to nourish the body. Simple as that.

The kidneys filter waste from the blood and together with excess body fluid, send it off to the bladder for elimination through the urine.  As if this wasn't critical enough, they also regulate blood pressure, manage water re-absorption, control acidity in the body, balance electrolyte levels, and produce red blood cells.

It's a tough job; it's no wonder there're two kidneys to do it.


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From £32.00 / kg



From £32.00 / kg