Looking for the horse's first line of defence?
Meet the Liver. The
hardest working organ in
the body.

To sustain a healthy body, keeping the liver healthy is essential.  It has one heck of a job to do; it's responsible for metabolising everything the body ingests, via food, breath or skin.

The liver also has the job of dealing with the toxins that our modern life puts on the horse. Toxins and pollutants can come from pretty much anywhere - illness and disease for starters, vet meds such as bute and steroids, those chemical fertilisers etc., on processed feed.  And let's not forget worm infestation and chemical wormers, which also present a real challenge to the hard working liver of the horse.

Then there are the invisible toxins in the air and in their water, and let's not forget moulds on stored forage and bedding, pollen allergens, and the obvious toxic plants like ragwort.  Just the mere act of our horses naturally grazing carries the risk that he will ingest substances that require detoxifying by the liver. 


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From £32.00 / kg



From £32.00 / kg

Gemmotherapy - Common Juniper (Juniperus communis)
~ Indicated for the liver


£16.00 / 100 ml