Tendons & Ligaments

Tendons & Ligaments


Keeping the structure and function of tendons and ligaments healthy is vital for the comfort of the horse's mobility




Horse and human alike, tendons and ligaments are tough, strong bands of soft connective tissue – collagen-rich materials that hold various body structures together. 

Tendon and ligament injuries are important causes of lameness, and rehabilitating these injuries is an expensive and time-consuming affair associated with variable success rates, mainly due to the tendency for injury to reoccur.


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A nutrient-rich blend of organic herbs indicated for peripheral soft-tissue structure.


From £32.00 / kg

If you're not needing the strength of Devil's Claw, DuoBute provides an organic synergistic herbal blend of anodyne assistance for ongoing comfort maintenance.


From £10.00 / 250 g

For immediate acute comfort assistance, TriBute provides a natural, organic synergistic herbal powder blend of three herbs including Devil's Claw. 
NB.  Devil's Claw is a banned substance for competition, so check your competition rules. For ongoing comfort maintenance without  Devil's Claw, see our DuoBute.


From £10.00 / 250 g