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from Anonymous on 17/08/2015
We have tried various products recommended for headshakers, with varying results. Decided to try Pollen-ease when my previous product ran out. Our headshaking mare is now retired, so I can't comment on how well this works when ridden, but she is 100% happier out in the field and no longer headshakes or rubs her eyes which she used to do and would become quite distressed. Will definitely be buying another back next spring - Misty says thank you!
Impressed with the bee pollen
from Anonymous on 17/09/2014
I suffer from severe hay fever to the point where I spend most of the spring and summer constantly asthmatic and with my eyes swollen so much that they’re almost shut. It makes my life a total misery, and I totally rely on max dose Piriton just to breathe. Then this year I heard about bee pollen and started taking it as a supplement. It’s changed my life, I can’t say I’m symptom free but I’m coping so much better and can face the fresh air. My horse Radar also suffers from seasonal pollens and for the last few summers goes crazy if he’s outside so I have to bring him in all day to help him. I saw your Pollenease had bee pollen in and because it had such a good effect on me, I tried it for Radar. I’m so impressed, hje can go out during the day now with a full face mask and doesnt seem to headshake as much. Very happy to have found this product, thank you. Sam Wilkes and Radar, Solihull
Can I just say how impressed I am with the PollenEase
from Anonymous on 07/08/2014
Can I just say how impressed I am with the PollenEase. Such a relief to have my mare healthy after vet meds not working.

NB. Originally posted 8.3.12 but due to VMD regulations the wording has had to be changed. (Aug 2014)

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