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Thank you so much!
from Anonymous on 06/12/2016
Hi Carol,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeding the skin tonic herbs and his skin has improved and (I dont want to speak too soon but) his sweetich has been the best it has ever been this year! So thank you so much! He is also doing very well at competing and people cannot believe how old he is, when I get a new photo I will send it through to you.

Kind regards
Liane and horses
Nothing short of miraculous
from Anonymous on 03/12/2012
The skinsoothe has turned out to be something of a miracle for Fern. She stopped itching within a couple of days and is definitely more relaxed. She still has quite a bit left so (due to Christmas cash flow)I will be ordering some more in the New Year. Thanks again for all your advice and your excellent products.
from Anonymous on 02/09/2011
My Friesian mare suffers from sweet itch which I was managing with a specialised rug, however, she would still itch manically as soon as she was able...it was a joke at the yard that she would bring down the barn scratching on the upright poles with such vigour!

3 weeks using SkinSoothe and this excessive scratching is completely gone, her coat is beautiful and any lumps from sneaky insect bites disappear within a day. She also had a long standing mud fever patch that would not go despite being topically treated for years. This has also almost completely cleared up and looks like normal skin.

I would recommend this product to anyone as a supplement to a sweet-itch effected horse, for general skin health and well being.

Thank you EquiNatural!
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