Nature has always been at the core

of the horse's physiological self, with a bounty of herbs and botanicals to forage on.


* Continuing a living tradition *
Traditional Medicinals for Equine Wellness

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* Any information, products or recommendations offered here are not intended, nor are we legally permitted (under EU/DEFRA/VMD rulings), to make any medical claim (by presentation) to "diagnose, treat, heal, cure, prevent, relieve or support any disease, illness or condition", nor is it intended to replace professional veterinary medical advice. Our ethos is simply to follow natural nutritional herbology for the equine body and system, based on both a functional, and traditional use.

Herbal Supplements
Powered by Nature, with the best
it has to offer

Herbs help to nutritionally cleanse
and detox the body as they nourish it,
supporting immunity and the body's
own natural healing ability.

When we say 'Natural',
we mean it!

Why would you want toxic chemicals
in your horse's supplement?

Our herbs come from a UK-based organic
trading house, who are committed to organic
food and farming worldwide.

Certified either Soil Association Organic,
Fairwild or Wild Harvested, our herbs are free
from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated, GMO-free,
human-grade and tested to EU accreditation.

With full batch traceability and proof of
we give a guaranteed, safe
assurance that stringent practices ensure
the highest quality contaminant-free
product, in order to harness the optimum
health benefits for your horse.

100% natural, as nature intended

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Forage Mineral Solutions
The nutrient foundation of any diet


Our UK grasslands are commonly
deficient in many essential minerals
where changes in the grass chemistry
cause changes in the chemistry of the
horse. This directly and adversely
affects the horse's system, all the
more so when they're over-grazed
on restricted paddock space.

Most commercial 'one-size-fits-all' balancers
balancers rarely get the mineral ratios right
Most add iron and manganese which are
already at too-high levels.

This can mean that your commercial broad-
spectrum brand may make your horse's dietary
mineral and nutrient levels more unbalanced.

EquiVita is different
EquiVIta is a carefully balanced multi-mineral
nutritional solution, based on known UK forage
deficiencies. This means it provides the correct
ratios of the minerals and amino-acids known
to be lacking in our UK grasslands.

A forage-balancing solution